Youth Programs

Quickwater has been providing summer paddle programs for many summer camps & youth programs throughout the northeast since our Hannah’s Paddles days. Today, we’re doing more than ever to provide youth with a fun, safe place to paddle and recreate during their summer vacation. We work with summer camps, youth groups, high schools, prep schools, colleges, church groups and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Program participants range in age from 8 years old to 22 years old. We really cover gamut of age groups from early development programs to college programs and anything in between. Chaperones or camp councilors are required and are provided by the organization or program leaders of the group. And we always welcome Mom and Dad to come along too as this really is a fun adventure for the entire family.

We provide an array of paddle trips ranging from a 5-mile (2-3 hour paddle) to a 10-mile (3-4 hour paddle). All trips start at our shop where we’ll meet your group and suit everybody up with paddles and life jackets. Once fitted, we bring everybody outside where we’ll discuss paddling safety, river stewardship, our natural waterway and what to expect on your trip and just simply how to have a great time. From there, we’ll head upstream and put your group on the water and the rest is up to you guys. Your trip ends back at our shop downstream where you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff. Please visit Rental Services  for more info

The benefits of paddling are enormous. Fitness, exploration, adventure, fun & memories. Are you in yet? In today’s modern world of electronic overload, kids have access to everything, even the outdoors. However, are they given the opportunity to explore the great outdoors? That’s where we come in. We were parents before we were business owners and we understand what nature means to a child or young adult. Our enrichment program is nothing more than introducing a child to paddling and adventure. Our goal is put more kids on the water to appreciate this experience with their peers, parents or group in a safe setting. Not only is it enriching for the mind, it is enriching for the body & soul. Kayaking 2-3 miles per hour can burn up to 300 calories per hour, so its great exercise for anyone participating and we guarantee everyone will come off the water smiling.

The Merrimack River is one of the most environmentally abundant watersheds in the country. During the industrial revolution the Merrimack was one of the 50 dirtiest rivers in the country. Thanks to the Clean Water Act which was passed in 1972 the Merrimack is now one of the cleanest rivers in the country. A true testament to this statement is the growing Bald Eagle population on the river. A quality of a watershed can be determined by the wildlife that inhabits it and Bald Eagles are very particular about their hunting and fishing grounds. Boasting an impressive amount of wildlife that rely on the Merrimack as their natural resource, flora / flauna and other natural attractions, the Merrimack River is a scientific classroom for learning.

Youth Paddle Programs