Here at Quickwater we are experts in lightweight. That’s why we are an authorized Delta, Elie & Pelican Premium dealer and the Northeasts leading demo center for Delta Kayaks. We specialize in lightweight performance while selling the experience of your adventure. Whether your needs are for recreation, touring or performance we stock them!

“Aaron of Quickwater was fabulous to work with. He helped make the choice of what was the best fit for me, and didn’t push me into a more “performance” oriented kayak than was appropriate for my abilities and skill level, as so many experts try to do. His extensive knowledge about kayaks is obvious…….”

We carry affordable models for recreational paddlers in thermoform polyethylene construction or for those more concerned with weight (or lack there of) and performance, we carry strong lightweight SolarKote thermoform construction which offer a higher performance to weight ratio.

Delta Kayaks are an industry leader in thermoform technology and incredibly fun to paddle and easy on the eyes and we are the leading Northeast and Southeastern Quebec Delta demo center. Models are available for in-store pickup or we ship across the United States. Deltas are made of Thermoform ABS & acrylic which offer a stiffer more rigid hull in comparison to other thermoform models in the market which yield greater performance attributes with a solid strength to weight ratio. If you appreciate quality, performance, responsiveness and comfort at a reasonable price you’ll love a Delta.

Delta Kayak

Key features are not only attention to detail in design and manufacturing, but far lighter in weight than other models in their class (upwards of 28%); the highest UV resistance in the market; press-lock hatches to keep water out; contour comfort seats (upgraded in 2015) and Seadog foot pedals in their rudder systems with models available with rudders or skegs and small to larger sizes to fit an array of paddlers.

We ship Deltas anywhere in the continental United States!

We carry a full line-up of day touring and touring models from 10 to 16 feet in addition to the performance line-up from 15 to 17 feet. With Deltas long water lines all models track and paddle as if they were a longer kayak offering the paddler greater glide and straighter tracking. Deltas are playful in all water conditions, and fun to edge as the kayak stays on edge. The touring models belong in the performance class of kayaks that are comparable to more expensive composite models and are suitable for big lake travel and ocean surf. The hulls offer amazing volume for greater storage for longer trips and they paddle great with our without a load.

The benefit of thermoform is a kayak that performs just like a composite at a fraction of the price. They have the strength of polyethylene but a weight savings up to 28% and are priced between polyethylene and composite. Car topping and portaging your kayak to and from the boat launch are no longer a problem and not to mention a great looking hull. To learn more about Deltas please visit Delta Kayaks for more information or visit the Delta Center in our online retail store to shop.

Elie Kayaks are our high benefit / low cost recreational and light touring line of thermoform kayaks. If there is one word that describes Elie, it’s “Value”. While Elie is not a beginner kayak, it has many features beginners and intermediate paddlers will love. Stability, speed, comfort and great looks. These are great all-around first time kayaks or an upgrade from heavier Polyethylene and ABS models.

Suitable for ponds, small lakes, rivers and mild coastal paddling, you’ll appreciate not only the price and performance, but the weight savings when car topping your kayak. Made of TST (Twin Sheet Thermoforming), Elie’s exclusive Poly-XR material is made of super tough Thermoform Polyethylene. While not as stiff as Thermoform ABS, Elie’s Poly-XR offers kayaks that are 30% more rigid than their competitors at a fraction of the weight and price.

Elie Kayak

The Sound series is great for beginners to intermediate paddlers while the Strait series is perfect for intermediate to advanced paddlers. We have models in stock of 10, 12 and 14 foot lengths. A lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects should set your mind at ease. To shop, please visit our online store or to learn more about Elie Kayaks, please visit Elie Kayaks or visit the Elie Center in our online retail store to shop.


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