Repair Services

Yes folks, it happens. All of us damage our paddle board at one point or another. But not to worry. Damaged boards are usually easy to repair and not too expensive and we can help. Basic damage such as dings, chips, cracks and puncture wounds can be repaired right here in our shop by Aaron. Most repairs cost between $50 – $100, but give us a call and bring your board by for an estimate. For more severe damage such as a fin box repair, we use one of our trusted resources. One thing to keep in mind with board repairs is the repair will never match the board or be concealed. The composite materials we use and the paint or surface of your board won’t match, but the importance is getting your board back on the water and that’s what we can do for you.

  • Composite board work for dings, cracks & gouges
  • Rail damage and puncture holes
  • Fin box repair
  • Board reformation



That trusty old Prospector hull of yours that you’ve fondly paddled for 20 years is starting to give way to the irreversible effects of the elements. All the Watco oil that once saturated the wood has found its way out your canoes gunwales and is now in need of replacement. Don’t panic, we can help. While we don’t do these repairs ourselves, we have resources that do. We’ve been assisting paddlers since our inception and we’re glad to help get that Prospector back on the water. For the more simpler canoe repairs such as seats, yokes and thwarts, we can handle these repairs or provide you with the replacement parts to do them yourself.

  • Gunwale repair / replacement
  • Thwart, yoke and seat replacement
  • Plastic welding for damaged rotomolded polyethylene & ABS hulls
  • Royalex repair for “cold cracks” and other damage
  • Thermoform repair
  • Replacement seats, yokes & thwarts (we stock replacement parts)
  • Composite hull repair. Fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon. Cracks & holes.
  • Thermoform hull repair. Cracks & holes.
  • Skid plates for Bow / Stern (we stock Keel-EZ)