Pro Purchase Programs

Quickwater is not only in the business of selling to consumers, we also sell to professionals & organizations that have outdoor equipment needs. We believe it is an important part of our business to give back to those that are in need of outdoor equipment that use it most, so they can do their jobs. We provide discount paddle gear for professionals and organizations and can outfit anyone from a local non profit that does field work for the environment to a summer camp or youth group or even a municipal or private swift water rescue crew.

For the individual professional – We work with employees and members of outdoors clubs, Non Profits or environmentally affiliated organizations. Our goal is to provide these individuals with quality equipment they use most. We’ll bundle a package from our retail store or supplier to outfit your exact needs. We have different pricing levels based on the level of your purchase but discounts apply to all pro purchases. Because this program doesn’t qualify for large retail orders direct from the factory, Quickwater is committed to underwriting the discounts ourselves.

For the organization – Summer camps, youth programs and non profits can benefit from our pro purchase programs. We work closely with our factories to supply them with a bulk order of kayaks, SUPs, paddles, PFDs or anything the organization needs all at discounted rates. We can either drop ship to a location anywhere in the US or deliver your order within New England.

Please email Aaron Constant at Quickwater to see how we can help your program.

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