We stock some of the finest paddles in the sport and have plenty to choose from. More importantly than carrying the paddles, we work with you one on one to properly fit you with the right paddle for you and your boat. We carry Aqua Bound, Bending Branches and Select kayak paddles. We also carry Mitchell and Sawyer canoe paddles available in straight and bent shaft models. Rest assured we have demo paddles in stock for you to test drive.

Aqua Bound Kayak Paddles

We carry lightweight entry level to advance paddles by Aqua Bound with multiple ferrule and blade options. This is our full line-up of paddles from beginner to advanced paddlers and anything in between. Prices range from $99 to $375 with weights ranging from 33 oz to 24 oz or less. Available in straight and ergonomic bent shafts in low angle and high angle models. Please visit our Aqua Bound Paddles to view our full line of quality paddles at great prices.

Kayak Paddles

Recreational and fishing kayaks require longer paddles. They need a further reach out and around the hull of the kayak. For these kayaks, we recommend a 230cm or 240cm paddle. For the narrow performance oriented kayaks that are narrower by design, you can get away with a shorter, more efficient paddle in the 210cm to 220cm range. Stop by our shop and we’ll help fit a paddle that’s right for you.

Select Kayak Paddles

Our Select Paddle line is a high end performance paddle & most versatile paddle in the market. For those of you that haven’t heard of Select, let us introduce you to your next favorite paddle. Yes folks, forget about the paddle you’re currently paddling with. Manufactured by paddling experts in North America, the R&D (research and development) on these paddles are phenomenal and are paddled 10,000 km by industry professionals before they ever hit the market. We offer adjustable carbon fiber paddles with the S-Lock 2 system which permits adjustable paddles upwards of 10 cm in length for the perfect fit with unlimited feather options. Available in both straight and ergonomic bent shaft with multiple blade sizes ranging from 550, 590, 660 & 720. We recommend 550 for women or low angle paddlers and 590 for men or high angle paddlers.  Please visit our Select Paddle Center to find the next last paddle you’ll ever own.

Mitchell & Sawyer Canoe Paddles

Canoeing is about heritage and tradition, and our line quality wood paddles are made by Mitchell and Sawyer. We carry straight shaft, bent shaft and double bent shaft models. We recommend all paddlers carry one straight and one bent with them at all times. For one, redundancy in the unfortunate event your paddle snaps after getting caught on a rock. Two, your straight shaft can perform for you in white water while your bent shaft will perform for you on the flats in “touring mode”.

Canoe Paddles

Straight Shaft – Straight shafts are suited more for the traditionalist style paddler or those that prefer to kneel or dig into the water. We recommend straight shafts for down river trips or white water paddling. The ideal length paddle for most paddlers is 54″, 56″ and 58″ models depending on your height and reach.

Bent Shaft – Bent shaft models are about efficiency. While you can spend up to a couple hundred dollars on a carbon bent shaft paddle, you don’t need to. Carbon paddles are suited for racing and extreme touring and are suited to ultralight canoes under 40lbs. They also don’t perform well in wind as their lighter weight makes sit and switch style paddling difficult. Our line of wood bent shafts are in the range of 22oz to 28 oz (under two pounds). The ergonomics of a quality bent shaft result in minimized arm and shoulder fatigue and can turn a 5 mile day with a heavy straight shaft into a quality 15 mile day of distance travel. Regardless of the length of your journey, you’ll appreciate what a quality bent shaft paddle can do for your experience. When choosing a bent shaft, chose a model 2 inches shorter than your favorite straight shaft model. Please visit our Canoe Paddle Center to shop for your next high quality canoe paddle.