Corporate Services

Canoeing and kayaking is a great way for local businesses, professional associations or corporations to enjoy summer outings on the Merrimack River. We provide a great environment to get out and enjoy nature while enjoying each others company away from the office. We provide such organizations with group outings, summer picnics and can also host corporate events, weddings, family outings or special occassions.

Take advantage of our 6 acre field along the Merrimack River. We can customize an outing to your needs. Packages can include anything from a group rental package and transportation upstream to a rental and catered meal package on our property, or just simply a catered meal and tent package. The choice is yours. Reservations and deposits are required for all events. Please contact Quickwater for more info.

Quickwater provides memberships to any business, non profit, educational or outdoor club. As a community member ourselves, we believe in giving back to other local businesses. We provide this service as a benefit to each organizations employees or members at discounted rates. It’s a great program for employees and employers to take advantage of and come enjoy our services.

We customize memberships to each organizations needs and is really quite simple to become a part of. An employer or principal of a club will be required to open a membership account with Quickwater under the organizations name. Employees or club members will then sign up for membership (which is free by the way), then we’ll work with the employer or principal to establish discount levels for the particular group.

If your company is sponsoring or promoting an event, Quickwater can help. Whether its a 5K road race, a company outing, a fundraiser, raffle or whatever, we partner with many local businesses to provide sponsorships for their programs. Most of our sponsorships consist of providing our property for a staging ground, a race event or arriving at your event with kayak rentals or a booth offering our services to participants.

We assess the needs of each organization and determine whether our business sponsorship is good fit for your needs. We believe in partnering with organizations for a common community good. Contact us if your business or organization has an idea or need.

This is where the fun begins folks. Many employers today are seeking creative ways to keep their employees healthy while offering a benefit to those employees. While many clubs offer discounted gym memberships, we offer outdoor recreation at our facility. What better way to get fit, or stay fit than by paddling? Not only do you burn 300 calories an hour in a kayak, you get to see some pretty amazing nature on the Merrimack River while you’re at it. Why be an observer of nature when you can become a participant, right?

A typical wellness program will go like this. You’ll arrive at Quickwater at 5pm on a Thursday night (or whatever time slot you choose). We’ll brief the group, suit them up with PFDs (a.k.a. life jackets) and then hit the river from our location. We’ll paddle one to two miles upstream, then paddle back to our landing. You’ll work with Aaron (the owner) or Rob (our instructor). Within the session you will learn a basic forward paddle stroke and how to properly maneuver a kayak. Each participant will benefit from a cardio and upper body workout where you’ll utilize muscle groups you never knew you had. But what’s best about this program is everyone can work at their own pace. Each session the participant will progress with their paddle stroke and improve their health and stamina. Workouts are always easier when the mind is occupied and the river does a good job of that. The program is one part exercise, one part fun.